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Nominate a mathematician for the new £50 note

The Bank of England is asking for nominations for someone to picture on the new £50 note, and is encouraging it to be a scientist, engineer or mathematician.

Non-UK readers might like to know the £50 note is the largest denomination note, rarely seen by most people.

The Bank of England website says:

You can nominate as many people as you like. But anyone who appears on the new £50 note must:

  • have contributed to the field of science
  • be real – so no fictional characters please
  • not be alive – Her Majesty the Queen is the only exception
  • have shaped thought, innovation, leadership or values in the UK
  • inspire people, not divide them

You can suggest anyone who has contributed to the fields of pure or applied science. That could include: astronomy, biology, bio-technology, chemistry, engineering, mathematics, medical research, physics, technology and zoology.

More information

Think science for the new £50 note at the Bank of England’s website.

via Nira Chamberlain on Twitter.