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Cushing blogs

I’m going to abuse this here soapbox I have constructed to do a friend a favour. Here’s the friend, exhibiting typical behaviour:

I’ve mentioned my good friend David Cushing a few times here. I once even managed to record him doing a pretty clever card trick. He sits next to me in our office at Newcastle University’s School of Maths and Stats and when he isn’t doing card tricks he’s usually trying to grab my attention with unusual maths questions (or balloon polyhedra or potentially libellous “facts” about animals).

Reader, I have some good news: you too can share in the glory of David’s existence because he’s started a blog, called The Adventures of David Cushing. He’s already written about a few interesting mathematical factoids and has been asking me all week to post about it here. So please, have a look — you might even find it interesting!

David’s de Bruijn sequence card trick

A few days ago, my friend David asked me if I could help him with a card trick. I said I could, hence this post. I managed to pin David down in front of my camera long enough for him to demonstrate the trick; a full explanation follows this video:

Newcastle MathsJam December 2011 Recap

Amazingly, December’s MathsJam had a non-trivial attendance of six whole people. And not just any people! Puzzling heavyweight David Cushing had yet more Renaissance-era riddles to test us all, and the other regulars were in similarly bamboozling form.

I balanced things out by failing to prepare anything or bringing anything to take notes on and subsequently forgetting most of what the others talked about. So this isn’t going to be a very accurate record of what happened, unless I get some reminders in the comments.


I’m going to start with a rather lengthy deconstruction of a puzzle Matthew Taylor posed:

A “lights out” puzzle

Matthew posted this puzzle on twitter a couple of days before the MathsJam night.

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