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customdice: a new LaTeX package for drawing dice

dice, regular ones and ones with different symbols on their faces, in multiple colours

I made a new LaTeX package for drawing dice, customdice.

Mathematical Objects: D&D Dice

Mathematical Objects

A conversation about mathematics inspired by a set of D&D dice. Presented by Katie Steckles and Peter Rowlett.

A set of D&D dice

Review: Unique polyhedral dice from Maths Gear

Our good friends at Maths Gear have sent us a tube of “unique polyhedral dice” to review. The description on says they’re “made from polyhedra you don’t normally see in the dice world”. My first thought was that we should test they’re fair by getting David to throw them a few thousand times but — while David was up for it — I’d have to keep score, which didn’t sound fun.

So instead we thought of some criteria we can judge the dice on, and sat down with a teeny tiny video camera. Here’s our review:

Maths at the Manchester Science Festival

Manchester Science Festival takes over the city from 23rd October – 2nd November this year, and it’s got a great selection of mathematical events. If you’re based locally, or thinking of heading over there for any of the time, here’s The Aperiodical’s guide to where to get your factorial fix.

Ox Blocks probabilities

I have a new toy. ‘Ox Blocks’ box promises “Noughts and Crosses with a novel twist”.

Ox Blocks game in progress

Manchester MathsJam April 2012 Recap

The turnout this month was slightly lower than usual, but many of our regulars were there and we had the chance to have some good discussions and really get into things.