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Not Mentioned on the Aperiodical this month, 21 August

Here are three things we noticed this month which didn’t get a proper write-up, due to thesis/Edinburgh fringe/holidays: a big proof, a fun maths book club, and a ridiculous bit of pi-related madhattery.

Homotopy Type Theory: a new foundation for 21st-century mathematics

hott cover

Pretty big book news (in a couple of ways)! The Univalent Foundations Program at the Institute for Advanced Study in Princeton has released a 470-page textbook resetting the foundations of mathematics on homotopy type theory. It’s called Homotopy Type Theory: Univalent Foundations of Mathematics.

Help a dude write an open-source calculus textbook (or use one of the many great ones already available)

A chap called Dixon Crews has posted to reddit’s maths section asking for help with a writing project.