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Recent mathematical awards

As well as the recent Abel Prize award to Karen Uhlenbeck, here are some other mathematical and related awards from this month.

Much ado About Noether

Calvin Smith tweeted this morning to tell us that today is International Women’s Day, and took the opportunity to remind his followers of some of the women in the mathematical sciences. Stealing his idea Following his lead, we thought we would write a post on the theme.

The Aperiodical is of course a pro-everybody enterprise all year round, but it doesn’t hurt to take some time to remind ourselves of the fact that women are just as capable as men of contributing to the field of maths. Incredibly, some people still don’t think this is the case!

Arise, Baronne Daubechies

Ingrid Daubechies, president of the International Mathematical Union, has been made a baroness by the King of Belgium.

Source: UREM, Faveurs nobiliaires du Royaume de Belgique