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A New Math Guide to the Olympics by Craig Damrauer

Reflect on the summer’s sport with some fun nonsense equations by writer Craig Damrauer. You need to click on the box to set each clip going.

A New Math Guide to the Olympics on

The London Pie

EDF Energy, one of the pantheon of Olympics sponsors, has opted to share its love for energy through its ‘Energy of the Nation’ project, launched earlier this week. By monitoring the nation’s positive and negative ‘energy’, by which they mean ‘things they are saying on Twitter’, they’ll turn the London Eye into a giant pie chart each evening at 9pm and display the results of the previous 24 hours’ sentiments over the course of 24 minutes. While my approval of such a large act of data representation is practically off the (pie) chart, I’m interested to find out how it works before judging it either way.