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Zero Waste by Nick Sayers

Get ready to smile!

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Knitted Spiky Icosahedron

Knitted spiky icosahedronAs an avid knitter, and mathematician, the birth of a small human in my family inspired me to create a mathematical toy for the tiny person to enjoy while learning about shapes. With my favourite platonic solid being the icosahedron, it was the obvious choice for a knitted toy, and with stellation being all the rage, sticking a point on each face was the obvious next step, especially when it’s such a convenient thing for tiny inexperienced hands to grasp.

Money Polyhedra by Kristi Malakoff

Money Polyhedra by Kristi Malakoff:

Perspectives of the regular solid

BibliOdyssey has posted some very old perspective drawings of polyhedra and other geometric shapes.

PRISMATICA by Kit Webster

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PRISMATICA by Kit Webster

Paper light shades by Lazerian

Paper light shades by Lazerian: