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Katie and Sophie blogging at the HLF

A photo of Katie, a young white woman with purple and brown hair, speaking on stage
Katie Steckles
A photo of Sophie, a young blonde white woman, smiling
Sophie Maclean

Next week, I (Aperiodical team member Katie Steckles) and Sophie Maclean (Chalkdust team member and cool maths person) are off to Heidelberg to cover the Heidelberg Laureate Forum. The HLF is an annual conference bringing together respected maths and computer science laureates (including Fields medalists, Abel Prize winners and others) to meet each other and keen PhD students from all over the world. We’ll be writing for the conference’s SciLogs blog, keeping it updated on the topics people are talking about and general other mathematical goings-on at the event.

Check the HLF Blog to read our posts as they appear, and visit the HLF website for more information about the conference.