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PRIMES, it turns out, isn’t just a word for numbers without any proper factors – it’s also a mentoring programme for high school students in the USA, based at MIT. The students visit there once a week from February to May, and work with academics on real research. They also run similar programmes for computer science and computational biology.

The scheme has recently been extended to allow students not local to MIT (or in possession of a private jet or teleporter1 ) to attend. PRIMES-USA is a national scheme for students across the country, which requires them to visit MIT for a conference in May, but the rest of the meetings take place via Skype.

  1. Although if they’ve invented a teleporter, this scheme probably can’t help them much []

Number Gossip is back!

Just over a month ago I posted that Number Gossip had been killed. Well,

It looks like Number Gossip is back, as gossipy and numerate as ever. Tanya hasn’t announced anything on her blog yet, so I thought a quick public-service note was in order.

Number Gossip has been killed. Can you help?

For several years, Tanya Khovanova’s Number Gossip was an invaluable resource for maths fans whenever they found themselves saying, “that looks like a special number!” It was a simple list of integers and all the interesting facts known about each one; there were prime numbers, odd numbers, evil numbers, perfect numbers, and countless facts about unique properties of numbers.