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11-category Venn diagram drawn

Little known fact: some sized Venn Diagrams have never been drawn. In case you missed it when it whipped round Twitter a few weeks ago: it looks like someone finally cracked the 11-Venn diagram, and it’s a cracker!

This diagram was constructed by Khalegh Mamakani and Frank Ruskey of the University of Victoria in Canada. Their page about the diagram contains plenty of pretty graphics to accompany the intro to the paper, which explains what they’ve achieved quite clearly.

Paper: A New Rose : The First Simple Symmetric 11-Venn Diagram (arXiv preprint)

Pretty pictures: Ruskey’s page about the construction

2 Responses to “11-category Venn diagram drawn”

  1. chris

    it’s unfortunate that this is a totally useless visualization.

    the whole point of a venn diagram is to convey information quickly and clearly.


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