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Join the Aperiodical News Team

There’s too much maths news for us to cover, so we’re looking for a few volunteers to help out in our new News Team.

A fairly big part of what this site is for is to cover mathematical news. We like to write short, to-the-point posts pointing to the relevant information about current events. These don’t have to be as in-depth as a feature or column blog post, but are a great way to keep everyone aware of what is going on in the mathematical world.

Most weeks we find more stories than we find time to write up, and the three of us (Katie, CP and Peter) have ever-growing work commitments, so we’re seeing if anyone wants to help out. Read on to find out what’s involved, or if you’re feeling nosy about how we write up news.

If you join our News Team, we’ll put you in a group of users in the site’s back-end who get an email notification when a story is available to be written up. From time to time the editors see a story or link somewhere and put it in a draft post in a category called ‘Anyone can edit’. The idea is that anyone can take that stub and write it up into a news story that gets proofread by one of the editors before being published on the site.

There are no rules about how often you have to pitch in, and the more helpers we have, the more likely it is that we together will be able to cover more of what is going on. We’ve written down the guidelines we’ve been following for writing up news stories on Google docs. To get a taster of what’s involved, you can view such stories by looking at the News category on the site.

If you are interested in becoming a member of The Aperiodical News Team, please let us know by emailing


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