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Two years in: getstats

Yesterday the Royal Statistical Society/Nuffield Foundation collaboration getstats celebrated its second birthday.

Those of us with long enough memories might recall that getstats, a 10-year statistical literacy campaign, was launched with great fanfare at 8:10pm on World Statistics Day, 20th October 2010 (20:10 20.10.2010). Then-President David Hand was quoted at the time saying

Numbers are everywhere in our lives, and statistics is about turning these numbers into useful information on which we can take action. People need to appreciate the power of statistics as it can be the key to the important choices we make in our lives.

This is important work, and the need for raising awareness of the significance of numbers and data in our lives had at the time just been handily highlighted by the field-day for numerologists and doomsayers that was 10/10/10.

An article at RSS eNews rounds up progress to date, particularly working in Parliament by running Parliamentary seminars, in education by collaborating with the Actuarial Profession on a report ‘The future of statistics in our schools and colleges‘, and with the media, collaborating with the Chartered Institute of Public Relations to publish ‘Using Statistics in Communications Guidelines‘.

Source: getstats celebrates 2nd anniversary.

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