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Conjoined Möbius Hat pattern by Woolly Thoughts

Pat Ashforth has written in to say that she’s released a new free knitting pattern for a Klein bottle hat with a – wait for it – twist!

Sez Pat,

I had always known that a Klein Bottle could be made by joining two Möbius strips. Many years ago I made a fabric version which could be put together with zips but had never thought of making a knitted version – until I was inspired by Debbie New’s Garter Klein Bottle Hat.

I adapted the clever technique Debbie used, and added some modifications to create two strangely-shaped Möbius strips which are then stitched together. I used two colours so that the two halves can be distinctly seen but the hat could be knitted all in one colour.

I used approximately 135 metres in each of the colours. The hat is stretchy so will fit most adult heads.

The knitting is easy. The stitching is fairly easy. The baffling bit is turning the finished item to make it hat shape!

So if you’re looking for a project to while away the cold winter nights, this might be just the thing.

You can find the pattern on the Woolly Thoughts Ravelry page.

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