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All Squared, Number 10: Maths journalism

Evelyn Lamb is a professional mathematician who has taken up journalism on the side. She received the AAAS Mass Media Fellowship last year, and spent the summer writing for the magazine Scientific American. We talked to her about maths journalism, the challenges involved in making advances accessible to a wider audience, and the differences between blogging and print journalism.

Here are some links to go with the things we talked about:


One Response to “All Squared, Number 10: Maths journalism”

  1. Avatar Jon Dollard

    Hi Katie and Christian,

    I really love your podcast and miss it. Are you going to keep doing it or is it over?

    After Peter Rowlett and Sam Hansen went off the air your podcast has filled that mathematical void.

    In fact, I like your podcast better than theirs only because I found Samuel Hansen to be really annoying and all they ever talked about was Alan Turing.

    I appreciate the time you both have invested into having interesting interviews and information on your podcast and I hope to see another episode soon ;).

    Oh, and I think the aperiodical is a great site!! Keep up the great work!




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