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Tydlig, a nice calculator for iOS

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Closer to a computer algebra system than a traditional calculator, this new app for iOS (iPhone and iPad) allows you to make calculations and create graphs, and mess around with the values to see what that does to the output. It looks like this is achieved without using any (explicit) symbolics, which results in a neat and pretty interface, made even nicer by the fact that you can move calculations around the screen and arrange them as you want. The name, Tydlig, is the Swedish word for ‘clear’.

If anyone’s willing to download a copy ((TYDLIG is also the name of an induction hob sold by IKEA, and if anyone wants to buy and review that too, you’re welcome to, but not for this site.)) ($4.99 on the App Store) and try it out, we’d be interested to hear how easy it is to use, and what other nice tricks it’s got up its sleeve. Use the ‘Send something in’ link above to get in touch, or leave a comment below.

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Tydlig website

Tydlig on Twitter.

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