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Maths Journals for an engaged Sixth Former

Maths legend Colin Wright posed this question on Twitter:

It led to a flurry of interesting replies, and here’s some of them.

Chalkdust Magazine

Run by a group of students based at UCL, Chalkdust comes out four times a year and has editorials, fun features, interesting articles, cartoons and a prize crossword. It’s also available in a print version if you ask nicely and pay for postage.

Plus Magazine

Based at the University of Cambridge’s Millennium Maths Project, Plus has been a free online maths magazine for a good while – almost 20 years, with articles dating back as far as 1997. Plus has articles on diverse related topics, news, reviews, interviews and puzzles.

MAA’s Mathematical Monthly and MAA’s Math Horizons

The Mathematical Association of America has two regular journals, both requiring MAA membership to read online, but there are discounted student membership rates.

MA’s Symmetry Plus

The Mathematical Association is a UK maths teachers’ organisation, and its magazine SYMmetry Plus, part of its Society of Young Mathematicians, is aimed at 10-18 year olds, with issues coming out three times a year. SYM members get a free copy, and it’s also available by subscription, costing around £20 for three issues.

Mathematical Intelligencer

Run by publishers Springer, the Mathematical Intelligencer is a proper journal, and while some articles require a subscription they have a subset of them available as open access.

Significance Magazine

The Royal Statistical Society runs this monthly stats-focused mag with a subscription or RSS membership, and online articles appearing a year after publication.


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