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Aperiodvent, Day 5: Dodecorations

If you’re thinking about decorating your house for the festive season, we recommend the Twelve Pentagons of Christmas – dodecahedrons. Here’s a few ways to get more regular twelve-sided polyhedra into your life.

You can buy plenty of dodecahedral ornaments from shops nowadays, but if you’d rather not splash out you can make them from printed nets, festive coloured post-it notesfolded A-ratio paper, knit them, 3D print them, or if you’re up for a challenge, you can use Maths Gear’s delicate and fiddly Dodecorations, pictured (if they haven’t sold out yet). If you make your own, you can even decorate each face with one of the twelve gifts from the song, or twelve other relevant things. Festive and platonic!

This post is part of the Aperiodical’s 2018 Aperiodvent Calendar.

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