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#Noethember: a retrospective

Last November, under the banner of #Noethember, we helped organise an international drawing challenge themed around mathematician Emmy Noether. The project resulted in a huge number of drawings and a warm feeling among those who participated. For 30 days, people across Twitter shared their sketches illustrating facts about Noether’s life and work.

Contributions ranged from daily drawings to occasional doodles from carefully drawn to quickly sketched, made by professional mathematicians and professional illustrators, and those in the middle. Some people couldn’t contribute through drawing and instead, shared archive material or created other types of content around the topic of Emmy Noether.

Our halfway-through-Noethember post shows some of the contributions, and many of the regular contributors there carried on through to the end of November. Search for Noethember on Twitter or on Instagram to see more.

While we were too busy to put together a wrap-up post at the end of the month (*cough* Aperiodvent), it looks like others have done it for us:

Everybody who participated made the month a success. It was fun, we learned a lot, we made art together, kept each other company, and enjoyed each other’s drawings.

We’ll leave you with these words from #Noethember founder and champion, Constanza Rojas-Molina:

Last November, Emmy was a made into prose, into a fox, a cartoon, a magician. She became part of our imagination and with that, our goal of promoting her work and her story was achieved… for now!

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