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Aperiodcast – 11/02/2013

Two days late, because that is the way we rotate here, it’s another episode of our sporadic navel-gazing podcast. In this episode we talked about: Our piece on the Invariant Subspace Problem (and the more recent news) Log-log! Who’s there? Not a power law! Our coverage of the new Mersenne Prime news, and our meta-coverage of everyone… Read more »

Aperiodcast – Christiansmas Eve 2013

After two months we’ve finally done another podcast! We completely forgot even the most rudimentary things about how to do a podcast. Sorry. In this episode, we talked about: Mathematical Christmas cracker jokes Fractal Christmas trees Posts from MathsJam speakers – Tom Button on Radii of Polyhedra and Phil Harvey on AS Results and Batting… Read more »

Aperiodcast – MathsJam 2012!

We took the opportunity of us all being in the same small slice of space and time (MathsJam, last weekend) to record another episode of our continuing audio part-work, The Aperiodcast. We talked about: Christian’s Recreational Maths Seminar Dara O Briain: School of Hard Sums to return; maths students sought to take part Matt Parker’s… Read more »

Aperiodcast – 21/10/2012

Here’s another episode of our irregular podcast about what’s been happening on the site. This time, we talked about: Advances in pure nonsense Robert Schneider, Mathematical Musician/Musical Mathematician #MTT2K: Teachers critique Khan Academy Surds: what are they good for? Calculus of the Nervous System The new fonts on the site Christian’s new Aperiodical Round Up… Read more »

Aperiodcast – 09/09/2012

Leaves are falling, a chilly wind is blowing and I can hear the distant thunder of undergrads’ hooves as they stampede towards my department. Yes, Summer is giving way to Autumn, so it’s time for another Aperiodcast. If you had “42 days” in the “when will the next Aperiodcast appear” sweepstake, report to the comments… Read more »

Aperiodcast – 29/07/2012

Here’s the fifth Aperiodcast, covering what’s happened on the site basically since the start of Summer. Peter is busy doing work, so it was just Katie and me blathering on about a variety of things. Podcast: Play in new window | Download