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David’s de Bruijn sequence card trick

A few days ago, my friend David asked me if I could help him with a card trick. I said I could, hence this post. I managed to pin David down in front of my camera long enough for him to demonstrate the trick; a full explanation follows this video:

MAA MathFest Day 2

Colm Mulcahy talking about Martin Gardner. Photo by Rodger Hergert.

MathFest continues apace! Here are Colm’s pictures from day 2.

The Aperiodcast – week of 23/4/2012

Here’s the very first edition of what we’ve cleverly decided to call The Aperiodcast. The plan is to record a short podcast every week or week-and-a-bit (this is the Aperiodical after all) talking about what’s been happening on the site, and pointing out posts that we found particularly interesting or have generated a lot of discussion.

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