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Not Mentioned on The Aperiodical, November 2017

Here’s a round-up of a few news stories we’ve not had chance to write about this month.

What I did on my summer holidays

This summer my wife and I went to America on our honeymoon. We had a lovely time – it was hot, we saw stripey flags in all sizes, and we marvelled at what substances count as “food” in the land of the free.

But what I really want to tell you about is the National Museum of Mathematics in New York. We couldn’t fly all the way to the East coast of America and not pay a visit. So we did!


News Round-up, 21/10/14

Here’s some quick stories from the world of maths this week.

MOVES: A recreational mathematics conference at MoMath

The Museum of Mathematics in New York (MoMath) have announced their “first-ever conference on recreational mathematics”, MOVES (Mathematics Of Various Entertaining Subjects), from 4th-6th August. They’re offering an exclusive night-time opening followed by a weekend of sessions:

Join the National Museum of Mathematics for its first-ever conference on recreational mathematics.  Explore America’s only museum of math in a night open exclusively to conference attendees, then participate in two days of sessions on the mathematics of games and puzzles. Bring your family along; we’ll have a special family track to entertain.

A “tentative schedule” offers a keynote address by Erik Demaine and slots for contributed talks and meetings. The website also promises a post-conference Math Encounters presentation by Terry Tao on the 7th August, though this isn’t on the Math Encounters website yet.

The deadline to register to attend is 15th May or “until at capacity”. The deadline to submit a research talk or a family activity is the 15th April.

More information and registration: MOVES conference, August 4-6 at MoMath

MoMath is open!

On the twelfth of the twelfth of the twenty-twelfth, New York’s Museum of Mathematics had its big opening gala. George Hart, who has spent the past few years developing the stuff that would go in the museum, recorded a video in between schmoozing the museum’s first guests to show off the things it contains.

[youtube url=]

All I want for Christmas is a ticket to New York!

If you’re in the enviable position of being able to visit the museum, have a look at their website. It opens to the public tomorrow, the 15th.

If you’re like me and you can’t get to New York in the foreseeable, the MoMath YouTube channel has many videos of their Math Encounters series of workshops and presentations.