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The Magic Cube – a 3D logic puzzle

A chap called Jonathan Kinlay has innovented a Rubik’s cube variant which only has one colour, but six different integer sequences on its sides. As a colourblind integer sequence enthusiast, this basically has to be my ideal Christmas present, right?

Well, it’s currently looking for funding on Kickstarter in advance of actually existing, and the first units won’t be delivered before Christmas, but it’s a fun idea anyway.

Rubik’s Cube in Minecraft

The last time we posted about Minecraft, someone had made a scientific and graphing calculator. But now someone’s made something actually useful: a Rubik’s cube!

Mastercrafter SethBling uploaded this video showing his fully-working Rubik’s cube, created entirely from standard Minecraft blocks:

[youtube url=]

Download the world: SethBling’s RubiksCube

via Jacob Aron on Twitter

World Record Rubik’s Cube Solve

Rubik's Cube world record crowdThis Wednesday, friend of The Aperiodical Matt Parker compered an event at London’s O2 Arena in which the world record for most simultaneous Rubik’s cube solves was smashed by a crowd including schools groups, individuals, maths fans and the UK’s current speedsolving champion, Robert Yau.

Rubik’s Tube

James Grime, cubing hard

Numberphile filmmaker and general internet legend Brady Haran has been busy putting together a series of YouTube videos about the Rubik’s cube, with contributions from Aperiodical friends Matt Parker and James Grime. The videos also feature lots of solving clips sent in by viewers, and Aperiodical Editor triumvir and sometime maths-talker-abouter Katie Steckles (that’s me) occasionally pops in to make comments and state facts which are no longer true (a world record was broken 4 days after filming).

World record mass Rubik’s Cube solving attempt in aid of youth homelessness charity

In June 2011 Depaul UK, a youth homelessness charity, broke a world record by having over 300 people in one place solving the Rubik’s cube at the same time. You can view photos of the event on their Flickr page and watch a video covering the attempt below.