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Taking Maths Further podcast launch

The Further Maths Support Programme (FMSP), which provides support for students and teachers in the UK doing Maths and Further Maths at A-level, has commissioned a series of podcasts, called Taking Maths Further, showcasing different people who work using maths as part of their job, and the mathematical tools they use.

Interviewees include a neuroscientist, an archaeologist, a graphene biologist, a structural engineer, a mathematical modeller, a games developer, a radar engineer, a research mathematician, an astrophysicist and a CERN physicist. Who better to front such a podcast than two thirds of the handsome Aperiodical editors, Peter Rowlett and Katie Steckles (that’s me). We’ve been scouring the UK for people with maths-related jobs (and some less obviously maths-related jobs) and interviewing them.

The resulting recordings will be posted on the FMSP website, RSS feed and on iTunes. The podcast launches at this week’s MEI conference at Keele, and will be posted one a week for the next couple of months, and will then restart in September.

It’s aimed at teachers and students in years 10-13, and takes some piece of maths and looks at someone who uses that maths (or a more advanced version of it) in their work. It covers a variety of topics on and off the A-level syllabus, as well as finding out about some interesting career options for people who are into maths. Each episode lasts roughly 25 minutes, and includes a maths puzzle for you to get your teeth into.

More information

iTunes feed for the Taking Maths Further podcast
RSS feed for the Taking Maths Further podcast
Podcasts page on the FMSP website
Further Maths Support Programme.

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