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The Aperiodical is 10!

Not that we’re overly consumed with numerical coincidences, but it’s perhaps nice to note that ten years ago today we made a little fuss of launching a new blog site with our first post, a post marking Felix Klein’s 163rd birthday, and a video about the Klein Bottle featuring Matt Parker and Katie Steckles. space containing Aperiodical-related items to explore. Visible is a big Aperiodical logo as well as logos for the Carnival of Mathematics, the Mathematical Objects podcast and The Big Internet MathOff.
Our 10th birthday party space in

We held a little celebration today with some of the many people who’ve contributed to the site over the years including by writing a guest post, hosting a Carnival of Mathematics, taking part in a Big Math Off or appearing as a podcast guest. If you’d like to join their ranks as a contributor to the site, a great way to get started is to fill in the Send something in form telling us something you’d like to write about.

Here are some of our most-viewed posts over the years:

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