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2020 Christopher Zeeman Medal awarded to Matt Parker

Stand-up Mathematician and internet superstar Matt Parker has been awarded the 2020 IMA/LMS Christopher Zeeman Medal, which aims to recognise and acknowledge the contributions of mathematicians involved in promoting mathematics to the public and engaging with the public in mathematics in the UK.

Review: Humble Pi, by Matt Parker

There are many things I admire about Matt Parker (or, to give him his full title, Friend of the Aperiodical, Mathematician Matt Parker) and his work, but probably top of the list is how he switches, apparently effortlessly, between modes. One minute, he’s showing off a fax machine to a group of hard-core geeks with…

The Big Internet Math-Off – The Final! Nira Chamberlain v Matt Parker

Well, this is it: the final of The Big Internet Math-Off. Just one more match stands between the two remaining competitors and their destiny: the title of World’s Most Interesting Mathematician (modulo the previously described factors of knowing me, interest in taking part, and availability in July to indulge my whimsy). Nira Chamberlain and Matt…