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Follow Friday, 12/10/12

With nonmonotonic irregularity, it’s time for another Follow Friday – a round up of the maths people on Twitter you should be following, or at least some fun links you can look at.

Follow Friday, 21/9/12

Since all the cool kids are using Twitter these days, this is the first in a sporadic series of Twitter recommendation posts which will tend to take place on Fridays. If you’re not on Twitter, feel free to use this as a source of interesting facts and links, but if you are, I’ll post tweets here from users I think it’s worth following (with associated qualifications).

Gaffe Theory: Mitt Romney’s followers are almost definitely robots, says analysis

An analysis published in The Atlantic sought to test a hypothesis whether Mitt Romney’s Twitter followers are real or whether they display ‘bot-like’ behaviour. This follows a sudden recent spike in followers to his account. The same analysis was completed for Barack Obama’s account as well. So, are Mitt and Barack’s followers real?