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Carnival of Mathematics 103

The next issue of the Carnival of Mathematics, rounding up blog posts from the month of September, and compiled by Evelyn Lamb, is now online at Roots of Unity.

The Carnival rounds up maths blog posts from all over the internet, including some from our own Aperiodical. See our Carnival of Mathematics page for more information.

BBC News webchat with Simon Singh

Today, author Simon Singh took part in a Twitter-based webchat for the BBC News website, taking questions about his new book on Maths in the Simpsons, and mathematics in general. Here’s how it all went down.

Bart The Genius

That picture of Simon Singh that's everywhere and you can't actually tell what he looks like in it

Not Mentioned on the Aperiodical this month, 6th October

Here’s a roundup of some news stories that slipped past our highly trained news snipers.

All Squared, Number 8: Martin Gardner (Colm Mulcahy part 2)

Martin Gardner "standing by every word he ever wrote"

This is the second and final part of our interview with Colm Mulcahy. Last week we talked about card magic; in this part we moved on to the subject of Martin Gardner and the gatherings of interesting people associated with his name.

We’ve tacked on some blather we recorded about the British Science Festival in Newcastle to the end of this podcast. Listen in to hear what we think about maths! (We’re broadly in favour of it.)


Puzzlebomb – October 2013

Puzzlebomb LogoPuzzlebomb is a monthly puzzle compendium. Issue 22 of Puzzlebomb, for October 2013, can be found here:

Puzzlebomb – Issue 22 – October 2013

The solutions to Issue 22 can be found here:

Puzzlebomb – Issue 22 – October 2013 – Solutions

Previous issues of Puzzlebomb, and their solutions, can be found here.