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Announcing the Big Internet Math-Off

This Summer, I’m trying something new: I’ve enlisted a few of my favourite mathematicians to take part in a tournament we’re calling

The Big Internet Math-Off

The Summer’s full of instant knock-out tournaments to identify the people at the apex of all sorts of avenues of achievement. I thought, I’ve got a load of fun maths friends, who always tell me about some cool new maths thing whenever I meet them, why not find out who knows the most fun maths?

The Big Internet Math-Off will be a four-round tournament pitting interesting maths things against each other. The mathematician who gives the most interesting thing, as decided by you, goes on to share another fun maths thing in the next round. In order to make the whole thing hang together, I’m going to call the person who wins The World’s Most Interesting Mathematician*.

* of the 16 people who I contacted, who were available in July, and wanted to take part.

I’ve asked the competitors to come up with maths topics they find interesting. I don’t need new things, or things that they came up with – just the kind of thing that you’d tell a fun maths friend about when you bump into them.

The tournament will start on the 1st of July. Each match will be a post here on The Aperiodical, where the two competitors will each make a pitch for something they find interesting. At the end there’ll be a poll where you can vote for the thing you found most interesting. Each poll will be open for 48 hours, and then the person with the most votes will advance to the next round.

Without further ado, here are the charming people who will be trying to out-nerd each other to victory:

You’ve got $(2^4-1) \times 2 = 30$ bits of fun maths to look forward to over the next month. I’m sure there’ll be some old favourites, and plenty of stuff you’ve never heard of – looking at the list of things that are going to come up, there were a fair few things I’d never seen before.

Of course, no Summer knock-out tournament would be complete without a wall-chart to print out and follow along at home, so I’ve made one:

Big Internet Math-Off wall-chart

Click on the image to download a big PDF you can print out.

The tournament begins on the 1st of July, with James Tanton facing off against Nira Chamberlain. Until then, tweet, toot and post your ideas for interesting bits of maths with the hashtag #bigmathoff.

20 Responses to “Announcing the Big Internet Math-Off”

  1. Avatar Aleksandra

    I think it would be better if you invited 8 women and 8 men, and if you made one hand side with men only, and the other one with women only… :)

        • Avatar Bruce

          Pure and applied mix up so much these days that it’s better to have a stylistic battle: concrete vs. abstract !

  2. Avatar Paul

    I love these types of competitions! In fact, I do them every day! Check out @TeachFMaths to take part. Cheers. Paul


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